28 things to do with your family in 1 hour or less

28 things to do with your family in 1 hour or less!

Hey Mommas!

Spending time with our families is one of the most important things that we can do… At times, we tend to put this on the back burner because there are so hats that we wear as mothers.   This simple list is 28 things that you can do with your family that are not only fun but engaging.  Whether it is reading a book together or praying.  These 28 activities will be sure to bring your family together.



  1. Play tic-tac-toe
  2. Finger paint different pictures
  3. Decorate a t-shirt
  4. Have a dance party
  5. Read a book together in different character voices
  6. Play a tongue twister game
  7. Write a letter to a faraway family member
  8. Make a crazy tasting milkshake
  9. Make necklaces out of pasta
  10. Pray for one thing for members of your family
  11. Make an “I am thankful for you because…” for members of your family
  12. Have a part of the Bible, and have your family guess what Book it is from
  13. Create a care bag for someone that is in the nursing home.
  14. Draw a picture of each other, and have everyone guess who is it that they drew
  15. Make up a story, and have someone else finish the ending
  16. Sing the words to a song to a different tune and have others guess what song it is
  17. Play hide and go seek
  18. Play Cards
  19. Watch old home movies, or look at old pictures of each other
  20. Go on an A-Z scavenger hunt (find items that start with each letter of the alphabet)
  21. Go stargazing
  22. Play yard games
  23. Make a homemade pizza
  24. Make a homemade cake
  25. Paint with spray bottles
  26. Make holiday crafts for each other( Valentine’s day, Christmas, Thanksgiving)
  27. “Camp” in the living room
  28. Make a puzzle


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  1. Cherlin

    Love this list of 28 things you can do with your family. I am always wondering about quick and inexpensive things I can do with my toddler. Thanks so much for this information Christian mamma!

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