12 Christian inpired activities to do with your Toddler

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12 christian impired activities to do with your toddler

There are so many things that you can do to engage your children, especially your younger ones.  However, it can be a bit flustering to think of ways to entice your toddlers into developing and learning about the love of Jesus.  It is vital to start sharing and showing our little babies how important Jesus is to us.   Their little minds may be a bit young to fully understand, but their hearts are wide and big enough to grasp the love of Christ.


That is why I have compiled  12 Christian inspired activities or crafts you can do with your babies.   After you read through this post, make sure to hit the dowload button so you can get your own copy of these 12 activities



Sing Nursery Christian Songs focused on Jesus and God

Below is one of my favorite nursery songs!  Michael and Marissa sings it every morning.  It is very simple for them to learn, and they even have the exact words at the end of the video.  Your babies will love them!


Use stickers to trace the Cross or Jesus name

My son loveeeeees this! I mean, what kid does not love stickers?! The prep time is very easy, the engagement is high, and you get to talk about what the cross and the name of Jesus mean.

Make the Five- finger prayer list

The five finger prayer list is a classic that I learned as a child from one of my pre-school teachers.   Showing your children how to pray at an early step is a foundation that will create a personal relationship with Jesus.   Here is how the 5 step prayer goes:

  1.  Thumb: Those closest to you, your family.
  2. Pointer: Those that point you in the right direction (teachers, doctors, pastors) ask for wisdom & support.
  3. Index: (tallest) Those that lead us(Principal, President, Government) ask for guidance & wisdom.
  4. Ring: (weakest) Those that are weak, in trouble, or in pain. We cannot pray too much for them.
  5. Pinkie: (smallest) Our prayers for ourselves & our own needs


Use finger paint to make a “God created the world” craft

Now, what child does not love paint? This little fun activity is really cute for any age( Even you, Momma,) and will help your baby


A very simple and fun craft to do with your toddler

Read a Bible story together, act out the characters

There is a Bible that I read to both Michael and Marissa and they love it!  The illustrations in the bible are great, and the stories are very simple and understanding to where you are able to act them out.  If you would like to check it out, I got mine straight from Amazon for Michael’s Birthday

This is the one I like to get

Amazon has them for great prices!  Click here if you would like one


Name 5 ways that Jesus loves you

Okay, moms…yes I know that there are way more than 5 ways Jesus loves you, but let’s keep it real…let’s have a starting number for our tiny ones.  Every day I ask Michael “How do you know Jesus loves you?” and every day it’s something random….his little voice shouts

“Car, mommy!”

Food, Mommy

“Sassa, Mommy”

then little Marissa has to have her chime in and says every night, no question…

“Milk, Mommy!”

Go over the 5 bible verses that you should speak over your children printables, and talk about why they are important

In another post, I talk about the 5 bible verses that you need to speak over your child.  a couple of the verses are easy and is a great way to get your toddler to start memorizing.

Play an alphabet game with names or verses from the bible

Want a great way to get your learning and bible fun on?  All you have to do is find names  or verses from the bible that begins with the letters of the alphabet. You can use your creative side and make flashcards, or you can be like me, and buy one that is already made!  I actually purchased a coloring book  Here are the ones that I go over with Michael and Marissa:

Bible ABC Coloring book

Draw a picture of Jesus together

There are many coloring pages and printables that you can find to color Jesus together.  As you are coloring, discuss the love that Jesus has for us

Draw and Color a heart—I (heart) Jesus

Image result for I heart jesus craft


Jelly Bean Prayer- Learning your colors

Oh, my goodness!  this one is so cute!   It is called the Jellybean prayer.  It is like a two for one.

Create a Nameplate- Jesus Loves____________________________.

What a way to show that Jesus loves your baby.  When you write their name, you tell your child that Jesus loves everyone, specifically YOU!  WOrk on this craft together…and find endless ways on how you can make it stand out


I hope you like these activities and find the time to show your toddler how much Jesus is important.  Drop me a message if you tried any one of these activities and tell me how it went, will you?


If you would like a free printable of these 12 activities to do with your toddler, hit the Download now button!





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